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  1. How to fix the MacBook white screen
  2. Mac White Screen? How to Fix a White Screen on Boot
  3. How To Fix Mac White Screen
  4. Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won't Turn On - macReports

I inherited a Mac book pro , FireWire port one. The screen is white with lines, like a broken cable on the inside. Thing is Buddy took his hdd. So no screen, no os. How would I install os without seeing or can I mirror to external from boot. When turning on my iMac I occasionally get 3 drives come up. I have also tried all of the above solutions. I can get onto my Windows side.

How to fix the MacBook white screen

Very frustrating, lease help me. I upgraded a Mac Mini mid from Yosemite to Sierra a couple of months ago. A few days after the upgrade, I got my first white screen. First, I see the Apple logo, then after seconds, I get the blank white screen. But mine has a mouse cursor. I can move it around with the mouse. Rebooting got things back to normal, but about every fourth or fifth time I boot now, the white screen comes back.

The way I fix my white screen now is to unplug the video cable for a second, then plug it back in. So when I get a white screen, I just unplug the video and plug it back in.

Mac White Screen? How to Fix a White Screen on Boot

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If all the approaches are failing and you still see that white screen on your Mac, you may need to reinstall your operating system. Only a fresh version of the macOS will be installed on your Mac again. Apart from cleaning your Mac from all the junk, it gives you access to all maintenance scripts that allow to quickly optimize the system performance and never worry about the health of your Mac.

Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. CleanMyMac X. Your Mac. As good as new. English English. This forces the PRAM to take action. You will still need enough RAM to run the machine of course. Try each if it doesn't work first time. It took me ages to find this solution on the Web. John - Love your exuberance in answering questions, only problem here is this is a very old question and has long since been answered with the correct answer - Accepted Answer.

Look for ones that don't haven any answers. Hope to see more postings! John, have an iMac and had the white deadly screen yesterday. I tried all sorts of ways to resolve the issue. I was able to restart the computer on SAFE MODE, but, if i try to log on my computer through the main admin the screen will flash once and it prompts me to type in my password. What can i do from here in order to recover my main access to my computer and files using my main admin access?

Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. If you can you will likely need to run Apples' Disk Utility to straighten things up. Try using Drive Genius or other good defragmenter app to defrag the HD. But given the fact you can get the system to run and access the HD in single user mode I suspect its the HD that just needs attention. Thanks for the quick response.

Same problem only my solution was to press on D while holding the power button until apple logo came up then the bar showing it was loading something. Afterward it worked fine. This worked for me! It had me puzzled for days! Kept swapping in new drives and they worked for a day then boom back to the same problem! The 1st problem was it wasnt booting and kept going to a white screen, then I tried to boot from an external and I got a blue screen. Reloaded software on using thunderbolt and I rebooted with the same problem but it was going into a loop of boot, apple logo, loading line, white screen and reboot.

Not really sure what holding the D on start up does, but it worked for me also. I been having problems starting my iMac, keep getting the white screen with the Apple logo. If I play with it long enough, eventually it will start up. At one point, I got a black screen with some messages that said something about bad memory, I showed it to the tech person at work, and he suggested I try to replace the memory cards, which I did.

How To Fix Mac White Screen

Still got the white screen after replacement. Finally came across this post and gave it a try, and it started up. Don't know if it'll continue to work as I'm afraid to shut it down right now, but it did work for now! Your iMac still works? Mine can't get pass the white Screen. Pressing down D starts some Hardware Test over Internet.

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Unfortunately after finish, the white screen shows again after Reboot. Thanks for this! I am not good at this stuff, but the D key boot ran the diagnostics, and it reported the hardware was fine. Then it booted up fine on restart. Couldn't believe something finally worked. Though it just runs a test which should change nothing in the machine, it worked for me too! I noticed that the computer got quite hot during the extended test; I wonder if this created a kind of reflow of the graphic card Now the extended hardware test neither finds a problem nor makes the iMac starting again.

Mac White Screen: How To Fix Your Mac That Won't Turn On - macReports

I still have a little hope that it is the hard disk, but it looks pretty much like the graphic card Thx for writing this article - had the same problems. And actually repaired earliere iMacs So have a bit of insight in the tech. Alex Nelson. The solution have simple if u have a little electronic skills.

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  • Mac White Screen? How to Fix a White Screen on Boot;
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Best to just bite the bullet here and replace the card with a new unit. Besides, given the amount of work just to get it out its just not with doing it over and over again.

Why my Mac stuck on white screen?

Or you could just turn it over to apple and get its replaced for free: Hi there, I have a second hand iMac 27" but don't have any other data than that, I bought it from a company that went bust. I now have the white screen of death. Is there any way I can discover if my iMac is one of the 'problem' iMac's covered by the recall? If you look at the bottom of the foot stand you'll find the serial number with it you can find out what year your system was made and what options it has but plugging in the serial number into this web site: If so make an appointment with the Apple Store to have it fixed under the extended warranty.

Even if it isn't under extended warranty I would still bring it in Apple tends to have other recalls that are not documented that might be your issue here as well. The fusion drive was using the 3TB seagate baracuda that was under the apple recall, and it failed. I tried installing linux on that blank new drive and that worked fine and linux runs great on it. Running AHT, off the net, because I can't get that to run from anything else, only shows the expected error from the missing temperature sensor on the hard drive, because it's a genuine seagate non apple.

So I expect all the system tests show nothing wrong with the machine, unless the AHT stops on the sensor error and doesn't finish the remaining tests, which I would assume wouldn't be the case.