Install windows xp on mac without cd

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I need to install Windows XP on a computer without a CD drive I have the following in mind Please suggest on whether it is feasible or not, or if it cannot work for some reason, what else I can try The computer can be booted with USB, and I have the windows XP installation files with me I want to copy the windows XP installation files to the D: Will this method work?

Can this cause any problems during setup? This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

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You can also install directly from the usb thumb drive by typing "cd I" and then running "winnt". Remove Your usb thumb drive and reboot your system. Alvaro is one of the many readers who left a comment on that thread. I have a late 27" iMac which has a built-in Optical Drive, one that is not operational anymore.

How to install Windows XP on OS X 10.10 Yosemite WITHOUT Boot Camp

Still, I wanted a way to install it without the drive. I was supposed to see the windows installer, but instead, all I saw was a blinking white line on a black screen. After several minutes of this, I gave up and force-booted my computer. This did not work either. I had given up on other methods, and I decided to sleep on the problem of installing Boot Camp on my Mac when I suddenly thought about the Apple Watch.

First Look: The XP experiment: Running Windows on a Mac | Macworld

You see, what Apple has always wanted is for us users to buy a new model of Mac whenever the older one cannot do something. I then asked myself if USB drives have the same restrictions.

One thing led to another and this is the way I install Windows on My Mac now. I wouldn't recommend doing that though, because it'll be a PITA if you have to reinstall it later, and just leaving it on a partition even if it's somewhat small since you wont be using it shouldn't affect anything. Once the boot menu appears hit the eject key on the keyboard, insert your Windows XP Installation CD and wait a second or two. The Windows disk should appear for booting.

The rest is plain old Windows installation therefor no further instructions at this time.

Installing XP without a CD?

Once Windows is up and running insert the Mac OS X Installation disc again and open it in the Explorer - you should find all necessary Windows drivers on it. Hello, I do not think you can delete OSX on a mac.

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Besides if you try to only keep windows in it you might have trouble with drivers and compatibility. What don't you try a little bit of both worlds by either using parallels or boot camp.