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Click on the Messages app in your Mac to open it. Go to your iPhone. Tap Text Message Forwarding. You'll see a list of all your devices linked to your Apple ID. Choose the one you want to send and receive messages and select On.

How to send texts from your PC and Mac using Android Messages - CNET

You'll see a six-digit code pop up in Messages on your Mac. An alert window will appear marked Text Message Forwarding will show up on the iPhone. Enter the six digit code displayed in Messages on the Mac into the alert window on the iPhone and tap Allow. To start a new message: In the Messages window, click the Compose button to start a new message. Step 7: If the desired recipient is able to receive your text message, then simply start typing the message in the message field.

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Once you are finished, you can press return for sending it. After you have logged in the Messages app with your Apple ID , then you can also receive the text messages on your Mac as sent by people using iPhone. These text messages would appear on your Mac OS as well as on your iPhone device. In case the recipient has another smartphone model other than iPhone , then the contact box would display a red tone.

When you would try sending them messages through your Mac, you will receive an alert saying the message was not sent.

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For doing so, you have to set up the Mac OS such that it can send messages to non-iPhone users as well. Here are the steps to do the same:. Here, sign in using your Apple ID. Now, click on the option Text Messages Forwarding.

How to Use iMessage on Mac

You will your Mac system listed there. For allowing your Mac OS to send and receive messages, you need to toggle the slider such that it turns green. You will receive a message indicating to enter the code as shown on the Mac screen. This would allow the iPhone text messages to be sent and received on the Mac system as well. Click on that number and wait for the device verification. Step 8: Now, you can add the non-iPhone number of the desired recipient.

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  6. By doing so, the recipient would receive a normal text message which has been routed through your iPhone. Therefore, this message would be allocated towards the text message allowance as per the smartphone contract. The best thing about this conversation of the text message will not be restricted only to your Mac system. For receiving text messages from some non-iPhone device on the Mac OS, you have to set up both your Mac as well as your iPhone as per the steps mentioned above.

    How to text from PC and Mac using Android Messages -- available to all now

    This will enable you to receive text messages on your Mac OS with much ease. Therefore, by following the series of simple steps, you can send and receive text messages on a Mac easily and in a hassle-free manner. Samsung is the sole strong competitor who does groundbreaking innovation that Share Tweet.