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  1. Rivet streams Mac video, music, photos to Xbox | Macworld
  2. Help with sharing my connection from my Mac.
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  4. How does it work?

Makes choices a little easier. Both work and I still play with both from time to time. I guess when you have to save up for months to buy something like these when your younger you tend to see the value of a dollar in the product.

Rivet streams Mac video, music, photos to Xbox | Macworld

The NES was a summer of mowing lawns and painting 3 fences… I was I realize that QT is Apple. It is not a limitation of Connect to not play QT video. An update coming on May 7th will allow mpeg4 and h video to be played on the Does this work in reverse?

What is Connect 360?

Can you take screenshots from your and send them to your Mac? This sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread. This opens up the as a more viable option for me if it works like I hope it does. I create a lot of video game screenshots, so this is a huge deal for me. Has anyone been having trouble wirelessly connecting the Xbox to their Apple?

When I try to test the connection on the xbox it fails on the IP address test, any suggestions?

Help with sharing my connection from my Mac.

I recently came across his article and thought I should update it. Connect now supports most video files.

How to Connect an Xbox 360 to Xbox Live using a Mac

You can use Quicktime and AVI as well as many others. I just picked it up two days ago and it works great. I want to say that is some really good advice here! This is the first time I visit here.

Listen to music

I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one having all the leisure here! Keep up the excellent work. For most of the people mac is 50 times easier to control than xbox. But Salute to that person who introduced xbox in the industry.

How does it work?

It has its own charm. Anyway good placement. This piece became an inspiration for me to share with everyone I know. I must commend the writer and the site as well for coming up with a marvelous creation like this. Your unparalleled presentation coupled with the passion and desire to nurture and teach people knew techniques and information is something that we must laud and applaud. Subscribe in a reader. Log In Register. What is Connect ? How does it work? A must for anyone who owns an Xbox and a Macintosh computer.

Share this article del. Eric Brodeur had this to say on Mar 14, Posts: Beeblebrox had this to say on Mar 14, Posts: Beeblebrox had this to say on Apr 01, Posts: Beeblebrox- It is not a limitation of Connect to not play QT video. Next time you ought to actually read something before you post such a snide remark. These tips aren't perfect -- there's still a lot that can be done in the way of developing applications that can facilitate communication between the two devices.

Are you listening software developers? Nonetheless, these ideas should point you in the right direction. The first thing you'll probably want to do is get your music on your Xbox Of course, the simplest way to do this is to pop your CDs into your Xbox and rip them to the Xbox hard drive. However, since you only have 20GBs of space, we'd rather save that for things like new maps and saving games.

The second way you can get music onto your Xbox is to connect your iPod. Believe it or not, you can connect it to the using the USB cable that came with your iPod.

Go figure, huh? Just install the application and it will appear in your Mac's System Preferences. Just open your System Preferences, select Connect, and then click the Start button. You'll be ready to connect!

All you have to do is go to the Media Section of your Xbox , select Shared Computers, and then look for your computer. It will use your network name, which can be changed under the Xbox's Sharing Preferences. Now you can use your Xbox to view your photos, play your music, and watch your movies -- all without transferring them to your Xbox! The content will stream wirelessly from your Mac to your Xbox.

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