Mac nc37 equivalent to nars sheer glow

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  1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 Review - Beauty And The Muslimah
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In comparison to my much loved Studio Sculpt foundation, the Nars is much better, MAC is just too orange in comparison! I was shocked believe me. I thought MAC done yellow best. I actually have come to love the colour of this foundation, it really mimics the yellow in my skin.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC37 Review - Beauty And The Muslimah

Also orange corrector helps a lot around my mouth. My gripe with this foundation is that it shows texture, a lot, so my uneven skin texture doesn't look very nice when the foundation is built up, which in turn makes the foundation look 'obvious' on my face, so it isn't immensely skin like only when I want to build up for more coverage. I do think if less is used it'll look better, building up coverage will give you a very 'done up' look and I know some people aren't too fond of that, myself included.

It's a really good foundation, just not Holy Grail for me. I hope this review was helpful.

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If you have any questions please do ask. I have been using my fingers as Francois recommended, I use under a pump for a natural everyday look and it blends in seamlessly and looks very natural and doesn't pick up texture. I don't think you can build up too much coverage with your fingers because you will simply be moving the foundation around. Unless you do pin point concealing with the foundation and pat it into place instead of rubbing it. This foundation is quite pigmented, so you really don't need much. One of my issues, as you read in my review, was that you end up looking quite "done up" and obvious, I've noticed using less product and blending in with fingers will stop you from looking too done up, in fact it will look rather skin like and natural.

The warmth from your fingers really melts the product into the skin and should leave no tell tale lines as it does for me. I've noticed this is something a wet sponge can not do as it's just not as warm as your fingers. I know this is a very long in depth review on this particular foundation, I just found it difficult to get along with because it's been advertised and reviewed a little differently than I expected. And it's a Holy Grail for a lot of people out there.

Though I hope this review was helpful. You're welcome! I like to explain in as much detail as possible what my opinions are and exactly how I feel about certain products and how they fare on me. Color is not a perfect match, but close enough.

Provocateur Amazonian Clay Pressed Mineral Powder

Powered by Blogger. Nars Sheer Glow, who hasn't been excited about this foundation? There's a little lid inside the ginormous one, all you have to do it pull the top off instead of unscrewing it, it'll be space saving. Upon arrival I was literally buzzing with excitement.

My Foundation Shade Guide – MAC NC25-NC30 to NC35-NC40 Equivalents

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