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There is a key combination that you can use to turn the screen off which is: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. What if somebody else in your family is using the computer when you VNC in? Won't they have to change the brightness or get upset it is changing on them unexpectedly while they are trying to use the computer , thereby negating the solution until you manually reinstate it later? Instead, upon connecting to the other Mac with Screen Sharing: This is the dialog I get when trying to connect: Ian C. I don't have a 'Switch to Virtual Display' option in the View menu I double check in Mountain Lion when I get home.

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Pretty sure it was there. This solution requires the connecting client to be running Mac OS X, no?

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I have this problem from an Android client; it speaks the right protocol to directly log in as a different user than who is currently on the screen, but the "password" box for the other user pops up every time I do something from VNC One clarifying question - On Mavericks, is there a way to switch to a virtual display even if there is no other user logged in? We need to remote into a laptop that may or may not have someone logged in. Since we will be performing sensitive financial operations on the computer, we need to ensure that our actions aren't mirrored on the physical display.

Is there a way to ensure our actions aren't mirrored, even if no other user is already using the physical display? Loraine Loraine 21 1. My Android VNC client doesn't ask, it just automatically logs me in to my account which isn't the one displayed , yet I still have this problem.

ReleaseEngineering/How To/Access Machines via VNC

Michael This is documented on the site: This is not a perfect solution but I believe this is a best solution so far. My use case is to use iMac remotely from my Windows 7 laptop. Here is my solution. You need the following things. Vine VNC Server from http: You need another VNC server to make another private display. Wake Up Me On utility from http: This is a windows utility but I think there is a similar one for OS X.

You may need to activate Fast User Switching.

Here are the steps. Install Vine VNC server. Do not use 0 as the display number. Display 0 means the main console. Set the VNC password. Remotely configure and lock down programs using policy. Just run the installer on the device you want to control from and follow the instructions, or there's MSIs for remote deployment under Windows. If you have a keyboard and mouse in front of you, use them as you would normally. If you're on a mobile device, then your touchscreen acts as a mouse trackpad, with gestures mapped to mouse buttons.

See the on-board help! RealVNC Products. Solutions for System administrators and IT experts Provide a consolidated remote access and support strategy for your business Busy professionals Seamlessly connect to and support people and devices wherever you are Managed service providers Provide an outstanding help desk service on demand Integrators and OEMs Build remote access into your own products and services IoT and embedded engineers Create management and monitoring solutions for low-footprint devices Hobbyists and makers Educate and innovate, free for non-commercial use Friends and family Help and support on up to 5 computers, free for non-commercial use.

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    What's New Privacy Policy Feedback: The fourth release of this year includes new valuable features and updates:. Older versions of the viewer were inconvenient for regular use as a desktop application. They worked well, but there was no autofill feature, no settings persistence, no history at all. The user had to fill in the form every time, even when connecting to the same machines repeatedly. Now we've added these must-have features. New viewer allows you to select hosts you connected to, and automatically saves connection options per each host.

    Download VNC Viewer for macOS | VNC® Connect

    And the most recent connection is pre-loaded into the form automatically. You don't need to enter anything twice. It lets you automatically create an encrypted virtual connection to a remote SSH server and send all data through this channel.